Transforming your IMAGES!

Transforming your IMAGES!

Given that the dawn of time, an unknown force has been causing and keeping our wrong beliefs. Pierce Howard, Ph.D., in his current book, The Owner’s Manual for the Mind, cites a research study that concludes that all info is saved in the form of images. These images are the genuine issue. It’s virtually impossible to recover any kind of issue long-term without dealing with the underlying picture. 은꼴이미지 If this picture is not healed, fixing the cell, idea, or sensation is normally a band-aid, allowing either the very same problem to reoccur or a brand-new problem to show up.


– Of 2,000+ individuals that utilized self-treatment methods as explained, 99.5% healed completely or considerably.
– No person that has actually done self-treatment methods, as prescribed, has established a major disease while doing it.
– Unprecedented in 30 years, HRV outcomes show immediate harmonizing of the free worried system (previously thought to be difficult).


– According to Pierce Howard, Ph.D., (and also several others) the picture is first.
– If you fix whatever yet the picture, you still have the issue.
– If you take care of the picture, as well as absolutely nothing else, every one of the tissues recovers.


The hemodynamic mechanism in the body fixes the harmful underlying photos, rapidly, effortlessly, as well as totally. This system is the hidden fuse box in the body that heals the pictures when the appropriate buttons are turned. Since this exploration, individuals from worldwide, utilizing Applied Mind Sciences self-treatment procedures, are dealing with underlying pictures, which automatically heal wrong beliefs, which instantaneously recover destructive powers, which regularly heal: no drugs, no surgical procedure, no countless diet plan, and workout, say goodbye to self-help publications, nothing to take, self-administered in your home.

The important thing we hear from doubters the most is, “That’s also easy.” It’s not too very easy; we’ve been making it as well hard. This is the way it was constantly implied to be.

The Quantum Connection

Applied Mind Sciences combines several well-known concepts of physics and biology and also adds a newly found and also validated system for recovery. In 1993, David Bohm posited extremely quantum theory ( quantum capacity), supposing that there is undetected energy that pilots every cell and also a particle of the world.

These pilots (Q) are beyond the fourth dimension geometry of space-time. Due to the fact that Q acts past space-time, it can as well as do establish non-local connections. In other words, the incredibly quantum of each cell remains in immediate contact with all various other super quanta (Concentrated Universe, 1993).